Because in Narnia, no one thinks any worse of you for that.

Edmund/Lucy fic
Hi there, I come with an Edmund/Lucy fic. They are definitely my favorite Narnia characters (not to mention I adore the actors portraying them as well!), and I was inspired recently to write an E/L romance. I used a plot device, interestingly I was reading the book (LWW)and found a reference Aslan made to the "Deep Magic" and how it affects all things in Narnia. So my little story isn't AU and it isn't exactly incest, either, although technically it is. Rated for teens and above, no smut, just romance! Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Title: Things Become How They Are Meant to Be
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Edmund/Lucy
Disclaimer: Don't own Narnia! No money here.
Warning: Incest
Summary: Something is happening between Edmund and Lucy and Peter and Susan are there to help

Things Become How They Are Meant to BeCollapse )

Fic: With A Clouded View, Part 2 of ? (Lucy/Susan - PG)
Title: With A Clouded View (Part 2 of ??)
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Pairing(s): Lucy/Susan
Rating: PG for this part. NC-17 overall
Summary: Lucy's desperate need for affection finds a salve a little close to home for her comfort.
Part 2: In which Lucy is guilt-ridden and Edmund is infuriating.
Word count: 4123
Warnings: Incest, although only implied so far. Don't like? Don't read.

A/N: Chapter 1 and initial notes are here.

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Peter_Edmund, a New Community!
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Hey all Peter/Edmund fans!  I have created a new P/E community for everyone's enjoyment.  If you want to help jump start the hopefully long lasting community, come over and post! 


Fic: I Thought I Lost You Somewhere (one-shot) (Edmund/Lucy, PG/PG-13ish)
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I Thought I Lost You Somewhere
TITLE: I Thought I Lost You Somewhere
AUTHOR: clockwork_sky
LOVELY BETA: tanief_twen
FANDOM: The Chronicles of Narnia
CHARACTERS: Lucy Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Eustace Scrubb
PAIRINGS: Heavily implied past* Edmund/Lucy
WARNINGS: Non-graphic sibling incest
PROMPT: philosophy_20: #11, Extrinsic
RATING: PG-13 (for pairing and mild suggestiveness)
TIME SETTING: Eustace, in the Dawn Treader movie, states that it's "Day 253" since Ed and Lu arrived, in his diary. All the "date" notations refer to this. Pre-Dawn Treader.
STYLE NOTE: This fic changes from first person (Eustace's diary) to a more standard third-person narrative, during the story.




1. not essential or inherent; not a basic part or quality; extraneous: facts that are extrinsic to the matter under discussion.
2. being outside a thing; outward or external; operating or coming from without: extrinsic influences.

Eustace hears them whispering at night. He keeps meticulous record of what he sees, what he understands.

The only problem is, he could never hope to understand.


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fanvid: "I'm Not That Girl" - Lucy Pevensie(/Edmund)
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I made this fanvid in a feverish and obsessive sort of spasm of creativity last night. It's a bit rougher than it preferably should be, but I did what I could given my haste and technical limitations.

I thought I'd share. :)

Contains footage from Voyage of the Dawn Treader and therefore might contain spoilers for any of you who haven't pirated/been to the theatre/both who are interested in watching.

Cross-posted to shipcest and edmund_lucy.

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia (movieverse)
Rating: PG-ish, discounting pairing as reason for raising rating
Music: "I'm Not That Girl" - Idina Menzel
Pairing/Theme: Lucy introspection, Edmund/Lucy, (with a bit of:) Lucy/Caspian, Caspian/Liliandil (Ramandu's daughter), Caspian/Susan, (if you squint) Peter/Susan

Available both on Youtube and for download.

Notes: I should probably note that my head canon might make this make a tiny bit more sense. When so inclined, I tend to head-canon in Edmund/Lucy and Peter/Susan at very least being fact during The Golden Age.

Click the image for fake-cut to my fic/etc. journal:

Lucy was a woman once and a girl twice. As she grows up for the second time, she considers things she's lost and the things she doesn't have. And, in the end, the things she does.

relevant friending meme
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Cross-posted quite a few places, but I've been trying not to put it anywhere it doesn't belong.

For a while I was PMing mods and asking permission, but in the interest of giving people an opportunity to see, I'm going to risk going ahead and posting this here, given my relevant interest.

However, if a mod doesn't want this here, I'm cooperative and willing to delete it. If all's well, however:

Peter/Susan fic

Title: Lost&Found
Ratings: R
Spoilers: None
Pairings: Peter/Susan
Warnings: angst, implied incest
Author's Notes: Reviews are much appreciated!
Summary: She's lost, and he'll always be the one to find her.

(no subject)
So with the approval/permission/support of the lovely suborbital, I have decided to start a...

(anonymity optional!)

Both FPF and RPF are welcome. Het, slash, femslash - anything and everything. XD

Basically, this is how it works: you comment with something kinky you've always wanted to read in the Narnia fandom. Anything goes, this is not the time to be shy. Then, others will (hopefully) reply to your comment with fic. And you can fulfil other prompts, of course!

Let's celebrate Dawn Treader the right way. With kink?

Peter/Susan fic

Title: What she could never Ignore
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 278
Pairing: Peter/Susan
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just playing around
Warning: Implied Incest,angst, Oneshot!
Author's Notes:
  Reviews are love!
Summary: Susan can ignore the world around her, but there's always something she could never ignore.

Title: Eternal Damnation
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Peter/Susan
Spoilers: Books
Warnings: Incest, character death, angst
Author's notes: Reviews are love!! Don't forget to check out the rest of my Peter/Susan fics!!
Summary: Peter is gone from the earthly world, but once in Aslan's land he begs to be able to watch over Susan. Only to late does Peter realize the affects his ghost has on his sister. 


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