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I come bearing an Edmund/Susan fanfic & fanvid!
kathrynparis wrote in pevensie_love
Fic:The Troubles of King Edmund The Just
Summary:A Golden Age fic. While on a diplomatic mission to Archenland, Prince Rabadash holds King Edmund and Queen Susan captive until she agrees to marry him. Can Peter and Lucy rescue them in time?
Warning/Disclaimer:Warnings for rape, Jadis mind games with Edmund, Pre-Edmund/Susan starting at Chapter 13, mild torture, and violence. I own absolutely nothing. Everything belongs to C.S Lewis. No money will be made from this story.
A/N:I know, the title kinda sucks, but its the best I could come up with. This is the longest Narnia story I've ever written. . Not that I have many written yet. Hopefully that will change. I really wanted to explore the Ed & Su relationship in a more ramantic fasion at least once. Edmund is my favorite character. So yeah. He's pretty much the main character in most of my stories. Anyway. Enjoy! And feedback is of couse loved!

By:Groove Coverage
Fandom:The Cronicales of Narnia:Prince Caspion
Pairing:Edmund Pevensie/Susan Pevensie
Program used:Sony vegas 10
Disclaimer:I will never own. Boo. This is just for some fun.
The plot: Edmund is poison running through Susan's veins.
I would love to know what you think?


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